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New Bath chippy chooses Nuttall Eco range

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

When Andrew Costi visited a client in Bath whilst out selling catering equipment, the last thing he expected was to come back with a partnership in a new fish and chip shop. But with both businessmen being locals, a run-down deli ripe for conversion on their doorstep and Andrew having owned a chippy some years prior, it seemed like a smart move.

After a complete refurbishment of the premises, the pair opened Bath Fish & Chips on Terrace Walk in July this year, offering traditional takeaway fish and chips from modern premises. With trade building week-on-week, a 24 seater restaurant has since been added upstairs.

Serving a range of fish, including cod, haddock, pollock, hake and plaice, the chippy also offers snack boxes, gluten free fish and chips on Tuesdays as well as several vegetarian options. There are also sides such as homemade tartare sauce, halloumi fries, whitebait and a seafood basket.

Andrew prides himself on producing top quality food and cooks everything to order on a brand new Henry Nuttall three pan, high efficiency Eco frying range. He comments: “Henry Nuttall have been great to deal with from start to finish. They gave me some really good advice when it came to applying to the council for the A3 license I needed, so I knew then that they knew what they were doing.

“The range is working brilliantly and the quality of food coming out is excellent. It’s crispy, it’s hot and because we cook to order nothing is ever sitting in the hot box. It goes out fresh straight away.

“The pans are quick to recover, it keeps the heat in the cabinets, the chip box keeps the chips nice and hot. Overall it’s a really good piece of kit.”

Opting for built-in triple filtration not only has the advantage of keeping the oil clean but also the takeaway free from clutter, with Andrew adding: “The filtration is good for us because our shop is small so a contraption to filter the oil would get in the way.”

With no advertising as yet and Bath Fish & Chips relying on word of mouth, trade has been very good. Andrew concludes: “From the day we opened to the end of the first week, we doubled the takings and it’s just gone up and up since then. The opening of the restaurant has been great for us too and, as more people know about us, the busier we are getting.”

Henry Nuttall 01909 560 808

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