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Mr Chips declared most popular shop name

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Mr Chips/Mr Chippy is the most popular name for a fish and chip shop with 88 takeaways currently using it, a recent survey has found.

According to loan company Esme Loans, which analysed the names of takeaways and food trucks across the UK, the most popular region for Mr Chips/Mr Chippy is the South East, home to 24. A further 10 are located in London and 14 in the North West of England.

The second most frequently used name is The Village Fish and Chip Shop (including Village Chippy) with 69 businesses using it. The Golden Fry came third with 66 businesses while Codfather and Ocean Fish Bar came in fourth and fifth place respectively.

The Frying Pan, Silver, Rumbles and Riverside Fish and Chips were also popular names.

According to the research, China Garden is the most popular name used by Chinese takeaways with 132 businesses laying claim to it, while in the pub sector The Royal Oak is the most common with 232 boozers given the title.


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