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Mystery dining-style allergy audit launched to improve performance

Fish and chip shops can monitor the customer experience of allergy sufferers eating in their establishments thanks to a new mystery dining-style audit.

Serve Legal has collaborated with leading food safety consultancy NT Assure to develop a Customer Experience Allergen Audit, designed to reduce risk, keep customers safe and improve the way in which customers with food allergies are treated.

Allergen-related deaths in recent years have brought about a definitive and legislative need for the food service industry to implement rigorous procedures around allergens. Until now, little attention has been paid to the customer experience of allergy sufferers when eating out or buying food-to-go.

Specifically designed to accommodate the different environments of the food-to-go industry, the visit involves young auditors going to establishments and posing as allergy sufferers (some are genuine sufferers). Their age is significant, says Serve Legal, as young people are at greatest risk of severe consequences from allergen ingestion.

Auditors ask pertinent questions about food preparation and menu ingredients before ordering. In addition, they will observe hygiene ratings, the display of allergen information table/seating cleaning practices and record details of their experience throughout.

Reports are shared with clients within 48 hours of audit and the findings are used by operators to review customer service and to improve staff training, allergen labelling, communication and operational performance around allergens.

The service is available nationwide with Serve Legal boasting over 2,750 auditors.

Serve Legal 07483 031707

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