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Navitas launches free online coronavirus awareness course

Food safety expert Navitas has launched a free online course for training staff in all aspects of minimising the risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus.

This training session will teach staff:

• What COVID-19 is and what are the risks

• How you can help yourself and others to minimise the risk

• How you can minimise the risk of contracting the disease

• What preventative measures you can take as a business

• If you do get sick, what you should do.

Daniel Reid, head of marketing at Navitas, says: “We’re passionate about our community so wanted to support where we could as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We have therefore turned the latest government advice and our own health and safety expertise into an interactive online training course which provides guidance on what you can do to keep yourself and others safe during the COVID-19 crisis.    

“Our free online training is accessible online, so whether your staff are in work or self-isolating they will be able to complete the short course.”

Individuals can sign up for the course by clicking here, or, alternatively, if there’s a large number of people in your business, Navitas can enrol staff for you. Simply get in touch at

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