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New biodegradable magazine wrap for FRY

We’re thrilled this month to be mailing the first issue of FRY in a 100% compostable and biodegradable wrap made from potato starch.

Not only are we super excited from an environmental point of view, but we’re also pleased to be utilising a bi-product associated with the industry we work in and thereby helping create a closed-loop system.

Here’s the science bit - during the industrial processing of chipping and peeling potatoes for chips, potato crisps and other products, a lot of starchy water is produced. Rather than going to wastewater treatment plants or landfill, the starch is separated, dried and converted into high quality bioplastics which are biodegradable and compostable, and which can be used for different applications including the film that now wraps our magazine.

Our new eco-friendly magazine wrap is fully compostable, which means it can be easily disposed of with food waste, garden compost or in green council recycling bins. It is also completely biodegradable.

Keep an eye out for your new, eco-friendly copy of FRY coming through the post any day now or, if you want to be even greener, you can read it online for free by clicking here.

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