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New Chatbot takes online orders commission free

Social media marketing agency Really Social is offering fish and chip shops a month’s free trial of a new online booking and ordering system which works through Facebook Messenger.

The Peterborough-based business has launched a social media takeaway ordering chatbot, a commission free takeaway ordering platform which runs completely autonomously via Facebook Messenger. It says the new feature will help streamline shops’ social media marketing and ordering functionality to create higher efficiency in the customer journey and, ultimately, a higher conversion rate.

Through starting a Facebook Messenger chat, customers will be given a menu of options from booking a table to ordering a takeaway. From then on the chatbot will cover all relevant questions in order to complete the order, including collecting the user’s contact information which shops will then own. The only human interaction needed is to accept or decline the order, which will appear as a push notification through the Really Social app.

For an additional cost, Really Social can also provide a printer so that all orders can be automatically sent directly to the kitchen to be fulfilled.

To drive traffic to the messenger feature, Really Social will develop sponsored social media ads, which will target specific demographics in a local area to ensure that shops are being seen by the right people.

To find out more or to request a free one month trial click here or call 0203 984 8820.

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