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New fresh chicken breast fillets offer quality and quantity

Country Range has launched its first ever range of premium quality fresh chicken breast fillets.

Containing no added water, the fillets will not leach 20% of their weight in water evaporation when cooked, meaning friers get more for their money.

What’s more, every breast is fully-traceable and is also calibrated to ensure that they are uniform in look and size (200-230g each), which is vital for friers looking to control portion size and reduce wastage.

Available through Country Range Group’s 13 independent wholesalers, the new arrival comes in 2x5kg trays containing 22-24 chicken breast fillets.

Development chef Paul Dickson has created a number of recipes using the new fillets, including Crispy Buttermilk Chicken and Indonesian Coconut and Quinoa Fried Chicken.

Country Range 0845 2093777

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