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New Super Plus Hi-Fry lasts over twice as long as vegetable oil

KTC Edibles has launched Super Plus Hi Fry – a new heavy-duty frying oil designed to last two and a half times longer than standard vegetable oil.

A blend of RSPO certified, segregated sustainable palm oil and rapeseed oil, Super Plus Hi-Fry is said to deliver enhanced frying performance and an extended lifespan, allowing fish and chip shops to fry for longer, reduce waste and save money.

The launch is part of a full update of the Hi-Fry range, including new and improved branding and packaging for the original Super Hi-Fry product.

Gary Lewis, head of business development for oils and fats at KTC, explains: “Super Plus Hi-Fry is designed with heavy duty, everyday fryers in mind. It lasts around two and a half times longer than standard vegetable frying oil, which means fewer oil changes, less fryer cleaning and reduced waste – resulting in significant time and cost savings.

“We’re investing heavily in the Hi-Fry range for the benefit of our customers – providing them with real choice when it comes to long-life frying oils. All Hi-Fry oils use RSPO segregated, certified sustainable palm oil, making them the natural choice for customers who care about environmentally friendly, ethical solutions.”

KTC Hi-Fry is a range of sustainable, long-life vegetable frying oils, including Super Hi-Fry for medium duty frying, and Super Plus Hi-Fry for heavy duty use.

The company plans to increase the Hi-Fry product range over the coming year, and is investing heavily in product development.

KTC Edibles 0121 505 9200

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