"No orders to be taken in person on the premises," says new advice

The Government has updated its advice for takeaways and restaurants offering a pick-up service, stating that no orders should be taken in person on the premises. Instead, they should be placed in advance either online or by telephone.

The new advice states that:

- No orders should be taken in person on the premises - this should be communicated to customers by appropriate means such as signage.

- Businesses should therefore only take orders online or by telephone.

- Customers could have staggered collection times - customers should be discouraged from entering the premises until their order is ready.

- Customers arriving without having already placed an order should be encouraged to leave the premises to place their order by telephone or online, and to return at a designated time for collection.

- Customers whose orders are ready should enter one at a time to collect orders and make payments.

- Businesses should discourage crowding outside the premises. Where possible, use queue management systems to maintain the two metres separation.

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