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Norwich chippy kitted out by local business

Royall’s Fish and Chips, situated on Castle Meadow in the heart of the city, sells locally sourced cod and haddock alongside Whitby scampi, homemade pies, fishcakes and sausages – all served with traditional thick-cut chips.

Starting the business from scratch, Rianna Royall and her partner Julian Richards were facing some pretty hefty expenditure as they needed to install a long list of catering equipment before they could open.

“We needed to spend £20,000 on our main range, but almost as much again on other vital equipment,” said Rianna.

“Visiting the Hughes Electrical store on Hall Road in Norwich for some personal items, we noticed a trade department so approached them about our requirements. 

“Not only could Hughes Trade supply everything we needed but crucially they offered us the option of renting it, rather than having to purchase it outright. This meant we did not have to tie up precious capital meaning we could open earlier than we originally thought!”

Royall’s Fish and Chips was looked after by Nick Thorby a rental specialist at Hughes Trade, who said: “Rianna and Julian were looking for a lot of commercial equipment including, a chipper, potato peeler, dishwasher, bain marie, microwave and glass fronted fridge.

“With any new start-up business cash is tight so we came up with an attractive rental option which I am delighted to say they accepted and now everything has been installed.

“Overall, we are seeing an increasing demand in renting equipment, over outright purchase, because it offers so many advantages for businesses, such as managing cash flow and taking the worry out of anything going wrong, plus for most it is 100 per cent tax deductible. There can also be flexibility over the length of the rental agreement.”

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