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On the campaign trail

Miller's is backing FASFA’s Don’t be a Chippy Chucker campaign and is encouraging other shops to take part too

The summer months have proved to be very busy for us in Haxby and this month saw the return of one of our favourite days of the year, Yorkshire Day. As proud Yorkshiremen (and women!) we celebrated in style, donning signature flat-caps and giving all of our customers a warm, ‘Made in Yorkshire’ greeting.

July also saw our second industry training day which was really well-received. The workshop gave us the chance to open our doors, share our experiences with our fellow shops, chat through the application process for the National Fish and Chip Awards, whilst showcasing the positive effects it can have on your business. We were delighted with the turn-out and we’re so grateful to all those who came, especially those who had travelled from far afield to attend. Excitingly, there seem to be many new faces coming into the industry, too, which is great to see.

Another exciting venture we are participating in this summer is the ‘Don’t be a Chippy Chucker’ campaign launched by FASFA earlier this month. In light of recent headlines and a number of contributory factors that have not been particularly kind to the industry, such as the potato shortage due to the intense heatwave, government concerns on obesity and reports released on increasing portion sizes putting our health at risk, the campaign is a strong initiative that aims to protect our industry.

The intention of the campaign is to bring about portion control awareness by influencing shops to offer more portion size options and encouraging customers to make more sensible decisions when it comes to their food, helping to promote healthier lifestyles and reduce food waste.

It would be great to see other shops get behind the campaign and show their support because there is undoubtedly a stigma attached to fish and chips and excessive portion size. Wherever possible, we believe we should try and show that we are taking a proactive approach to address these issues head-on in order to protect our collective reputation.

The ethos behind the campaign also offers benefits for both shops and consumers. From a business perspective, taking simple steps to reduce food waste means we are making the most efficient use of our produce, thus increasing business yield and helping to support a sustainable environment – an issue that is really important to us at Miller’s.

Lighter portions do not necessarily mean lighter profits, and that’s what we’d like to stress. Rather, we are evolving as a business to suit the ever-changing needs and requirements of our customers – which is an integral part of any business structure. We have always tried to be adaptable to the needs of our customers, which is why we now offer gluten-free, vegetarian and halal options. We have found recently that more and more customers are becoming concerned with health and calorie cutting, so naturally, we must adhere to these changes. Options like the Lite-Bite have had such a positive impact on our business, offering something innovative and new to our customers showing that, yes, fish and chips can, in fact, be enjoyed regularly as part of a healthy diet. We have since seen it soar in popularity, increasing in both demand and our lunchtime sales.

As part of the campaign, we were involved in a video in which we explained the advantages of offering portion choice to our customers reflected and how successful this has been. Have a watch by clicking here

Alternatively, for the Chippy Chucker campaign graphics, Click here.

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