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One in five Brits willing to eat insects

One in five Britons (21%) say they would be willing to eat insect-infused food, according to a new survey.

The poll by YouGov, which was conducted in 17 countries and regions to asses attitudes towards eating food with insect ingredients as part of their regular diet, also revealed that one in seven Brits (14%) would consider chomping on a cricket.

Perhaps not surprisingly Mexico, which has a long history of insect-eating, topped the table with four in ten (40%) saying they would be willing to consume food with insect ingredients in.

Some way behind, in second and third place, are Emiratis and Indonesians followed by Americans. Italians are the least likely to chow down on bug matter with just 17% willing to give them a try.

Across every country and region polled, men prove more willing to gobble a grasshopper than women.

Insect farming reportedly produces one hundredth of the emissions that equivalent cattle or pig output is responsible for.

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