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One in ten to try delivery for the first time, says NPD Group

One in 10 consumers (10%) will order a takeaway using a food delivery service for the first time during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to global information company The NPD Group.

Meanwhile, a further 8% of those who regularly order from a delivery service will now do so more often.

The statistics follow an online survey of 520 consumers carried out on Friday 20th March, before the government updated its advice and encouraged the nation to stay at home.

The survey also revealed that nine out of 10 consumers agree with that the temporary closure of out-of-home or eat-out establishments is a sensible precaution during the COVID-19 outbreak,

Almost four in 10 (39%) respondents are already using delivery services, while a further 42% told NPD that delivery services are either not available where they live, or that they do not use delivery services.

Looking ahead, more than half of all respondents (53%) say they will return to eating out once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and British foodservice outlets are permitted to open in a conventional manner. In addition, a quarter of respondents (24%) say they will eat out more often than before.

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