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One-third of chefs buy a product based on social media

A third of chefs have gone onto buy a product based on a post on social media, according to a new survey published to mark International Chefs Day.

The insight, which delves into the social media habits of 300 UK chefs from across the industry, also reveals how 94% think that social media is an important part of their job and that over three quarters (76%) think chefs should be trained on social media.

According to the survey, chefs view their social media 5-6 times a day, with 6pm-8pm being the top time that they will check their socials. They are most likely to follow other restaurants, recipe sites and food influencers in a bid to find recipe inspiration, new products or see what other chefs are doing.

Susan Bolam, MD at foodservice PR agency jellybean, which commissioned the research, comments: “With over 34 years’ expertise in marketing to chefs as a food and drink specialist agency, it’s fair to say we know our stuff. We’ve been championing social media as a key tool to engage chefs for years now. But with the world of social media moving at breakneck speed and the last chef focussed social report eight years ago, we thought it was high time we did something about it. That’s why we commissioned independent research with 300 UK chefs to create a state of the nation report on how they are using social media. and are excited to launch it this International Chef’s Day. We believe the findings make essential reading for any brands looking to target chefs.”

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