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Papa's picks Blakemans on quality

A shared vision for quality and excellence is proving a winning recipe for two long-established family food businesses

Recently celebrating its 65th birthday, James T. Blakeman and Co is recognised as one of the premium suppliers of sausages to the nation’s fish and chip shops.

Papa’s, meanwhile, which is going into the fourth generation, has set the standard for the highest quality fish and chips with a philosophy of great quality food, hospitality and affordability. Its outlet in Cleethorpes is the largest fish and chip shop in the world, while its Willerby restaurant, on the outskirts of Hull, houses a museum devoted to fish and chips. Therefore, the opportunity for Blakemans to supply Papa’s with its tasty produce was a match made in heaven.

George Papadamou, the latest custodian of the family brand, comments: “We leave no stone unturned in our search for the best ingredients and best products to serve to our customers.

“We are absolutely delighted with the produce that we get from Blakemans using a variety of their excellent sausages right the way up to the ‘foot long’. And as long-standing family businesses we share so many of the same values over excellent ingredients, quality and consistency for the customer.

“We have visited Norway to check on our fish suppliers, the factory where our batter is made and the fields our potatoes come from for our chips. So it was natural that we toured the Blakemans complex at Newcastle in Staffordshire and were so impressed with the quality and focus on excellence.”

Papa’s uses Blakemans’ fours, eights and foot longs and recognises that the humble sausage is still a hugely popular main stay of fish and chip shop menus - and a big hit with its customers.

“The sausages we use offer a wholesome alternative to fish and chips and they are incredibly popular with our customers,” adds George. “We have a great relationship with Blakemans and long may our two family businesses continue working together.”

Blakemans 01782 569610

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