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Peterhead fish market secures MSC status

The fish market at Scotland’s Peterhead Port has secured Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) chain of custody accreditation, cementing the port’s reputation as a centre of sustainable seafood excellence.

Achieving the status means Peterhead Port Authority can prove that the fish and seafood it handles has come from MSC certified sustainable fisheries and are eligible to carry the MSC logo on its packaging.

The state-of-the-art market was opened in September 2018 by Prince Charles following a £51 million redevelopment of the harbour.

Peterhead is said to be the largest whitefish port in Europe, with fish landings topping £200 million for the first time ever last year. MSC species landed include haddock, cod, hake and whiting among others.

Paul Macintyre, development director for seafood certification specialists Lloyd’s Register, said: “The MSC blue logo is a clear sign to consumers that their chosen seafood originates from a well-managed fishery and all involved in the supply chain are committed to ensuring the traceability and provenance of the product. This is a great result for Peterhead Port Authority and well deserved.”

In April this year, Peterhead received the first ever Responsible Fishing Port status from Seafish, while in September 2018 it was awarded British Reputation through Compliance Global Standards’ highest AA rating to the fish market.

Peterhead Port Authority quality manager Allison Sherrington said: “With key fisheries, and many of the vessels catching those species, attaining MSC certification, the next logical step was for the market here in Peterhead itself to gain chain of custody certification.

“It gives customers complete confidence that those species with the well-known white tick on blue logo landed to the market are sustainably caught and fully traceable.

“With the global demand for sustainable seafood rising the whole time, the certification strengthens the reputation of the market and individual businesses and opens up new business opportunities for all.

“On top of the Responsible Fishing Port and BRCGS AA rating, it signals that Peterhead is committed to value in the seafood supply chain.”

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