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Petition calls for Eat Out extension in Aberdeen

A petition calling for a two week extension of The Eat Out to Help Out scheme in Aberdeen has received almost 3,500 signatures.

The Scottish city has been subject to a local lockdown since Wednesday 5th August, just two days after the government’s scheme to boost the hospitality industry was introduced.

Restrictions are due to be lifted this Wednesday, however it will leave Aberdeen restaurants with just two additional days to benefit from the discount scheme when others nationally will have clocked up 13.

The petition, which currently has 3,489 signatures, needs 10,000 to get a response from the government.

It has been instigated by Stuart Devine, operations director at The Ashvale, which operates seven restaurants and takeaways in northeast Scotland. Stuart comments: “I think the restaurant sector in Aberdeen still needs a boost. We got to enjoy the start of the scheme on the Monday and Tuesday and then it got cut off. Trade was building up slowly but the Eat Out scheme gave it the wee nudge it needed. Had we had the full four weeks of it, people’s confidence would have been there, they would be happy that they were eating in a safe environment, but we’ve kind of missed that. So here’s hoping the scheme gets extended for our area and any other areas that have been closed down due to spikes.

“Our restaurants in Inverurie and Elgin have done well, it’s been great, we just need that boost in Aberdeen because restaurants there have taken a bit of a kick in the teeth.”

Click here to add your support to the petition.

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