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Pollution concerns prompt shop’s closure

The owners of a Leicester fish and chip shop have closed their restaurant for good, claiming they were concerned over its impact on the environment.

The Fish & The Chip, which opened in 2017, changed direction in February when it announced it was removing all meat from the menu, as well as eggs and dairy, to focus on pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

It seems that hasn’t been enough for its owners, who have posted a message on the shop’s Facebook page claiming a recent fishing trip had opened their eyes to the impact pollution is having on our seas.

Published alongside an image that reads "There's not plenty more fish in the sea", the post goes on to state: “After our trip away we saw the impact pollution is having on the oceans and fish stocks and we are not comfortable running a restaurant that has such an impact on our environment.


“As a result we realised our passion is not The Fish and The Chip and we have decided to close the restaurant."

The owners went on to thank their loyal customers and although they didn’t make it clear whether the premises will re-open, they did say they would be back with a gluten free, plant-based food range very soon.

The decision to close has been received positively on Facebook with the majority of followers in support of a plant-based restaurant opening in the area.

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