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Pre-sauced wood fired bases offer convenience and consistency

n response to the ever-increasing interest by consumers in authentic, premium pizza, Pan’Artisan has added three Italian wood fired pizza bases to its range.

Two are pre-sauced Napoli wood fired bases, one of which is a 29cm round with tomato sauce, while the other is a 29cm round bianca with a white sauce that imparts a delicate, creamy cheese flavour.

The third addition is the Italian Rustic Wood Fired base, which has been stretched to achieve a long, irregular, oval shape - a great choice for a sharing pizza.  This rustic style base is offered as a 32cm x 22cm oval and comes topped with tomato sauce.

The bases join the company’s portfolio of dough balls, speciality breads and pizza bases.

Pan’Artisan 01730 811490

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