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Quality is the Kellaway’s way

In the past 22 years, much has changed at Kellaway’s in Truro, Cornwall, from the shop name and the menu to the uniforms and the decor, but one aspect that has never faltered is the family’s commitment to quality and standards. 

As such, it is a proud holder of a five-star hygiene rating, the NFFF Quality Award and, more recently, Fry Magazine’s 50 Best Fish and Chip Shops Award. And it’s not just the shop that’s winning accolades, its staff are too with manager Lauren Kellaway taking the prestigious 2019 title of Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year.

High standards means using quality products and it’s an ethos that runs through every decision Kellaway’s makes whether it’s buying frying equipment, batter or fish, and it’s the reason why it uses Q Toreno Premier Jus Beef Dripping from Friars Pride

Manager Lauren comments: “Quality has always been important to us, for example, we use the best quality fish and sausages so we wouldn’t want to compromise that by cooking in a low quality oil. For us, Q Toreno is perfect as it’s refined to give a really premium product. Not only that, but it uses only caul and kidney fat as they are able to withstand high frying temperatures, and it contains a naturally occurring antioxidant, which means it has a longer frying life. For us, that’s really important as we don’t have to change the fat quite as much. We just top up all the time, which means we know our fat is in the best condition it can be.”

With Kellaway’s offering small, medium and large fish as well goujons for the children, there’s something for all ages and appetites so it’s not surprising that 70-80% of the shop’s trade is fish and chips. In keeping up with recent food trends, it’s recently refreshed the menu to include more homemade items, including signature fishcakes and a mac ’n’ cheese croquette. All are fried in Q Toreno, which Lauren believes brings out the best in the food, adding: “It’s a really nice light colour and it doesn’t darken very quickly so it stays a nice amber colour in the pan. The food stays crisp and it gives a light, crispy batter with no aftertaste. Because Q Toreno is deodorised it’s not a smelly fat and it’s not full of saturated fat either.”

Packed in 2 x 5kg blocks, the smaller format works well for Kellaway’s as it melts more quickly than traditional 10kg blocks. Lauren explains: “We put a block in a chip basket and drop it in to the pan so it’s safe and easy to use and we don’t have to worry about hot fat splashing us. It’s something we can do quite easily through a shift without making a difference, so we’re able to carry on frying.”

Since winning Young Fish Frier and the Top 50 Award, trade has increased at the takeaway with an influx of new faces who, more importantly, keep coming back. And with the holiday season just around the corner set to give the shop a further boost, Lauren is focusing on getting the team ready and keeping standards high.

She adds: “Using Q Toreno and knowing it’s a quality frying medium really does remove some of that stress. Obviously, we have to keep an eye on it but, because it’s a quality product, we know what it is capable of and we can rely on it a lot more. We don’t have the worry of changing the oil all the time and we have confidence in the fact we have a good product cooked in a good oil. It makes a real difference in a busy shop.”

As any operator knows, consistency is key and Q Toreno hasn’t let Kellaway’s down yet, with Lauren adding: “The fat is consistent so we know it’s going to be good every time. In fact, we’ve never had a fault with anything, we’ve never had to send a batch back, even the boxes have never been damaged. It’s always very well looked after.”

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