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Range safety

With the winter behind us and a busy summer of frying ahead, industry insurance specialist Wrapped recommends a deep spring clean in your fish and chip shop or restaurant

Cleaning up after a day’s frying is an essential part of any fish and chip shop or restaurant routine and it’s one that many caterers take great pride in – not just once a year, or even once a quarter, but every day.

A sparkling frying range is a welcome sight for customers and, with a regular routine, the grease and grime associated with cooking can be simple to clean from your surfaces and easy to reach places. Over time, though, it can build up in your frying range ductwork, allowing dirt, dust and bacteria to accumulate – a health and safety risk and a fire hazard.

Run an online search on fish and chip shop fire and the results speak for themselves, with news of many businesses closing indefinitely as a result of kitchen blazes. Fire is a common cause of millions of pounds in damage and insurance claims every year. In fact, statistics from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggest that that approximately 6,000 fires happen in commercial kitchens throughout Britain each year. Many of these originate within extraction systems.

With a few best practice measures, though, the risk of fire can be kept to a minimum:

Assessing the risk It’s a legal requirement for you to do a fire risk assessment, so doing this at least once a year is a great habit.

Fire extinguishers Make sure your fire extinguishers are in good working order and that they are suitable and adequate for use in your commercial kitchen. These can include foam, dry powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers, as well as fire blankets.

Regular maintenance Make sure you have a service and maintenance programme in place and that this work is carried out by professionally qualified engineers. Your frying equipment should be regularly checked to make sure it’s in good working order and that any safety features are working properly. This can include the thermostatic shut-off switch on your range.

Extraction cleaning Your range extraction systems, including the flues, hoods, canopies, motors, fans and the ducting leading from them should be cleaned by a professionally qualified contractor – at least once a year.

Insurance check Regular cleaning is vital to helping prevent the harmful effects of fire in your fish and chip shop or restaurant and, as well as being a legal requirement, many insurers make it a condition of their cover. Check your insurance policy to make sure you understand any requirements for cleaning, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning conditions.

Cleaning up with savings from Wrapped

With Wrapped from Ryan’s generous discounts have been negotiated for businesses with a combination of the following:

- 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating National Federation of Fish Friers Quality Award

- World leading ANSUL fire suppression systems installed

In addition Wrapped offers:

- Free first year membership of the National Federation of Fish Friers for a limited period

- Exclusively negotiated discounted terms and flexible finance for the purchase of world leading ANSUL fire suppression systems

- Regular reminders to get those easily forgotten but essential servicing, safety and cleaning jobs done

For more information about Wrapped or for your personal quotation, talk to Ryan’s today. Tel: 0800 093 3018, e-mail: or visit

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