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Reinventing a classic

Amanda Seafoods has relaunched its popular pressed roe with new packaging, MSC certification and the chance to win a trip for two to Copenhagen

Fish roe is a traditional staple for chip shops up and down the country. Customers who have tried it, love it and keep coming back for more.

Now, Amanda Seafoods, the Danish business behind the UK’s favourite brand – Amanda Pressed Roe – has reinvented this well-loved classic for a new generation.

It’s in the can

Morten Sander, COO of Amanda Seafoods, explains: “Our iconic blue tin, first developed in the 1950s, now uses a shorter brand name - Amanda Roe - and shows fish roe as it is generally eaten in the UK, fried in crispy batter and served with chips and peas! We still include a firm nod to our heritage with the instantly recognisable 555, the trademark number we were given in 1916, taking pride of place at the top of the tin.”

Counting on quality

Fish roe meets the needs of today’s ethics and nutrition-conscious customer as it is high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. Amanda Roe, which contains cod and plaice roe, is also fully sustainable.

Morten continues: “We understand that customers care about the environment and about the quality of the food they eat. That’s why we only use Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified fish roe.

“Our processing factory is MSC, International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) certified, meaning our customers are guaranteed a high quality product.”

Fabulous fish roe – give it a fry!

Battered fish roe is already popular in the West Midlands and the south of England but Amanda Seafoods wants to encourage chippies across the UK to make it the special of choice.

Morten clarifies: “As part of our work with marketing experts at Bluestorm to revamp our brand, we’ve distributed posters to 1,900 selected fish and chip shops to remind customers of Amanda Roe’s tasty and nutritious credentials.

“We do believe our big new idea for a ‘Fabulous Fish Roe Fritter’ will appeal to those who may not have tried the dish before. Simply serve your fried fish roe in a bun like a fish-finger sandwich or cheeseburger.

“If you’ve never prepared fish roe before, it is very easy. Simply remove the fish roe from the tin, cut it into 6-8 even sized patties, lightly batter ensuring it covers the whole patty, and fry to perfection.

“Amanda Roe is easy to use and store – and could have an instant effect on your profit margins. Why not give it a fry?”

Amanda Seafoods + 45 96 22 15 00

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