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Reusable labels are remarkable

Remarkable labels can sustain 500 dishwasher cycles

A reusable label has been launched by Pro Foodservice Reps (PFR) which is said to help shops save money and eliminate waste as well as meet food safety standards and go green.

PuraCycle Remarkable labels have a reusable whiteboard surface and come with markers that contain resistant “wash-erase” ink which stays legible even when exposed to either boiling or freezing water, steam or condensation.

Once used, the ink is erased with friction before washing the container and reusing. Therefore, there is no need to invest in a dedicated label printer.

Having been engineered to sustain 500 dishwasher cycles, PFR says the labels are at least 10 times less expensive than dissolvable versions per use and estimates outlets will start seeing savings in as little as 15 uses.

Remarkable labels are made from recyclable materials while the ink in the pens is non-toxic and odourless. They are available in packs of 50 for containers and 25 for bottles with three pens. Free samples can be requested by emailing

PuraCycle 01162 599393

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