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Risk averse

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Krispies won’t take any risks when it comes to food safety, as owner Kelly Barnes explains

I read in an article recently that around one million people in the UK suffer a food-related illness each year. At Krispies, we take food safety extremely seriously as we not only want to protect our customers, but also the reputation of the business we’ve worked so hard to build up.

It’s the reason why all our staff, once they have been with us for three months, undertake a Level 2 food safety course and why all team leaders and managers must have a Level 3. Before the three months of training have taken place, anyone preparing food is asked to follow our own procedures and document them using our electronic system.

For example, we use a date and day labelling system to ensure stock is stored and rotated correctly. All staff are trained to check stock levels and labels in the fridges before starting their morning prep. We’re really meticulous and very strict about everything, especially when it comes to staff sickness. If staff are ill with diarrhoea or vomiting they must be off for 72 hours from the first call. We insist on this on all occasions. Even if it causes us staffing issues, we won’t take the risk.

As well as doing, we also document to prove due diligence, so we have checklists for checklists! All our paperwork is digital now - we use a system from Navitas - so our manager goes into the computer on a daily basis to ensure the team have completed everything as they should. We have access to this as well so we can always triple check if need be.

We've also employed a general housekeeper to stay on top of the day-to-day cleaning of the shop. This has made life a lot easier and we know at the end of each day the shop will be clean and tidy when we go into open up the following day.

One thing I would say is that because we take food hygiene and safety so seriously and because we stress this to our staff from the outset, the team know what is expected of them and we don’t have a problem with them following good practice. It’s second nature to them.

As a result of all this, we have had a 5 star food hygiene rating ever since we opened the shop. We’re extremely proud of this achievement and we display ours clearly on the door.

It’s worth bearing in mind that even if you are carrying out all the necessary checks, without physical evidence the most your EHO will issue is a 1 star rating, which probably isn’t a fair reflection of your food, your business or the effort you have put in. So record, record, record!

While we have never had an issue with customers complaining and putting a claim against us (if we did we would advise them to report it to the EHO and, because of the confidence we have in our processes and practices, we would be more than happy for them to come in), we are insured against this. It’s always better to have protection than leave you and your business at risk.

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