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Royal visit for Peterhead-based Amity Fish Company

Scottish seafood supplier Amity Fish Company has welcomed HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay to its operations in Peterhead.

The Duke - as he is known when travelling in Scotland - was greeted by company MD Jimmy Buchan and his team as part of a series of visits focused on supply chain and fantastic local produce.

This follows a meeting at Birkhall in October 2020, where the Duke expressed his keen interest in the local fishing industry, sustainability and the environment. This year, Jimmy was eager to update the Duke on Amity’s continued focus on sustainability, which has resulted in the business being listed as an official seafood supplier for the upcoming COP26 climate change event.

Of the visit, MD Jimmy Buchan said: “We were proud to host a walk through of our supply chain operations where we explained our desire to improve on our sustainability footprint and how we are working to improve the integrity of our products during transit to customers.”

Following an introduction to the team, head of logistics Marie Cross gave a hands-on demonstration of how Amity’s fish boxes are picked, packaged and sent when online orders are received.

The Duke was given a brief history of the company’s journey, including recent business challenges presented by Covid and lockdown. Jimmy was keen to introduce his expanding team, as several new members have been recruited throughout lockdown to meet the demands of the business.

The visit also provided insight into Amity’s passion for sustainability and its mission to champion the sustainable harvesting of seafood. In 2021 the business has invested in greener packaging, drastically reducing packaging and waste with the introduction of cardboard, boxes and dry ice to pack fish boxes and orders.

During the tour, Jimmy was proud to present fellow stakeholders from the seafood sector to The Duke, demonstrating the need for close collaboration between each port’s catching sector through processing and onward food service.

Mike Park, CEO of the Scottish White Fish Producers Association, reflected on the work that member vessels continue to carry out regarding improved selectivity as well as reducing their contact with, and impact on, the seabed. “Of particular interest to the Duke was the transition of the fleet in reducing their carbon footprint through new vessel hull design and the next generation of low carbon emission engines.”

Amity Fish Company, which started up in 2006, works closely with local producers and trawlers to source, supply and develop the best seafood products for customers across the UK.

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