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Safer savings

Installing an Ansul Fire Suppression System on its range has not only given The Real Food Cafe peace of mind that its staff and shop will be safe from the risk of a fire, but also a substantial discount on its annual insurance premium

Since converting a former Little Chef in the small Scottish village of Tyndrum, Perthshire, into a fish and chip restaurant 12 years ago, Sarah Heward has built up a thriving business popular not only with the locals but also travellers heading on their holidays to Skye, Mull, Fort William and Argyll for whom it provides a welcome pit-stop.

With the business now turning over £1.25 million, employing 25 staff and serving in excess of 1,500 customers on Saturdays during peak season, it was becoming increasingly important to protect the business against possible major risks.With fire identified as one of the most obvious, manager Colin McGeoch recommended fitting an Ansul R-102 Fire Suppression System to the restaurant’s new five pan Kiremko frying range. Comprising discharge nozzles strategically positioned above each pan and in the extract duct, the system automatically detects and suppresses fires using a low pH liquid fire suppressant. This quickly knocks down the flames and cools hot surfaces while generating a tough vapour-securing blanket to help prevent re-flash.

Colin comments: “During May to September, we take on a lot of extra seasonal staff and, even though we give them thorough training, there is the potential to still make a mistake. So this system gives us that peace of mind that if I’m not there, or if one of the other managers isn’t there, and the worst happens, it will be taken care of.”

Having a second job as a fireman, Colin knows only too well the damage that a fire can cause as well as the panic it can create, adding: “No matter how much training you give someone, when faced with a fire you never know how they’re going to react. More often than not, people just panic and forget what it is they are taught. With the Ansul system in place, we know that none of our staff is ever going to have to tackle a range fire themselves, as this will put out any fire before it’s even started.

“At worst, we’ll be closed for a day perhaps while we tidy up, but we haven’t ever got to worry about things like interruption to the business, the extent of the damage, the rebuilding process, effect on cash flow or even possible loss of life”

Justifying the cost of the system by the savings the chippy is making on its insurance premiums by taking out a policy with industry specialist Wrapped, Colin comments: “When we renewed our insurance in January, we went with Wrapped from Ryan’s and got better cover and quite a substantial discount on the price we were paying. It was a few hundred pounds, so we’ll recoup the cost each year of putting the fire suppression system in while having the peace of mind that we have a system that keeps our staff and shop safe.”

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For Fire Suppression enquiries, contact 0345 2160300

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