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Sarson’s sponsors NFFF’s QA Accreditation Scheme

Malt vinegar brand Sarson’s has teamed up with the National Federation of Fish Friers’ (NFFF) to sponsor its newly launched Quality Accreditation Scheme.

The scheme, which will replace the NFFF’s Quality Award, sets out to identify fish and chip shops who operate to the highest standards including the quality and taste of the food prepared, the levels of hygiene upheld and the shop’s presentation.

The endorsement by Sarson’s is part of its ongoing commitment to support fish and chip shops.

Getting involved in Quality Accreditation Scheme holds extra importance in this climate, says Bryan Carroll, Sarson’s sales and marketing director:“Communicating to customers the dedication and hard work their local chippy has put in to operate under the highest standards and comply with the latest legislation for food safety and Covid security is more important than ever.

“The level of standard and excellence we uphold in our products matches that of the NFFF’s Accreditation Scheme and this sponsorship solidifies our commitment to serving quality fish and chips shops across Great Britain.”

Andrew Crook, NFFF president, adds: “We are delighted to be launching the new NFFF Fish and Chip Quality Accreditation and hope more shops get involved in the scheme. We’re very pleased to be working alongside Sarson’s, with them being both industry and consumer facing they are the perfect fit for the NFFF Quality Accreditation.”

To find out more information on the Quality Accreditation scheme and how to get involved, visit or call the NFFF head office on 0113 230 7044.

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