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Scotrange combines modern features with traditional looks

Cafe Palazzo in the North Ayrshire coastal town of Ardrossan had 30 years long service from its range but with the shop undergoing a refurbishment, owner Piero Milani decided it was time to invest in a more modern machine.

The busy chippy, which opened in 1938, closed for just two weeks while the refurbishment brought it up-to-date and a five pan traditional Scotrange was installed. Featuring all the mod cons, such as digital controls and three stage filtration, Piero went for a traditional finish, specifying roll-top lids and display cabinets in mirror stainless steel, satin stainless work surfaces and front panels finished with a swirl pattern.

Piero comments: “I went traditional with the range because, even though the shop’s been modernised, I still wanted to keep a bit of the tradition. The Scotrange I have now is basically what I had before but modernised and with fewer dials.

“It’s much better to fry on because it’s all digital so it cuts on and off itself and the pans never get too cold or overheat. My previous range, although it was excellent, was manual so you had a lever and you put it on or off. This one is all automated yet we still have full control.”

With built-in filtration saving Piero and his staff a lot of work at the end of the night, it’s not the only new feature of the range that has been welcomed - an extra pan has enabled Cafe Palazzo to extend its menu and attract more trade. Piero comments: “With the five pans it allows me to do things that were time consuming and which took up too much space in the pan before. For example, we now do a pizza crunch, which is pizza dipped in batter and fried and we’re selling lots of them.”

Pleased with his new Scotrange, Piero adds: “I can’t fault the new range or the team at Scotrange. They did everything they said they would and in the timeframe they promised.”

Scotrange 01592 775269

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