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Scotrange boosts shop's confidence

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Since buying his first ever fish and chip business two years ago, newcomer Mike French has tweaked the menu at Chips on the Green in Portlethen, Aberdeen, however, he’s always been restricted in what he can do by the takeaway’s 13-year-old frying range. But with a new four pan Scotrange installed just three weeks ago, Mike is now excited about what the future holds.

Mike comments: “We knew when we came into the shop that the range would need updating. We were hoping for a few more years, but time finally caught up with it so six months ago we made the decision to replace it. Through word of mouth we had heard good things about Scotrange and, for us, the fact that they are a Scottish manufacturer was ideal as we try to buy locally as much as we can. Our three main suppliers - potatoes, fish and meat - are all from the Aberdeen area.”

Adding a fourth local supplier to the list, Mike chose a four pan Scotrange with three curved glass hot boxes, built in filtration and a counter featuring a laser cut LED back lit panel to match the shop’s front signage. Mike comments: “Scotrange was excellent to deal with. We’ve never ordered a range before and they were very helpful in getting the right design, layout and size.”

With the new range holding the temperature and the built in filtration enabling staff to filter the oil more regularly and with ease, Mike is seeing a dramatic improvement in the quality of the food, adding: “The consistent temperature means the quality of food is much better and the fact that we have the built in filtration means we can now filter the oil at least once, sometimes twice, a day so that the end product coming through is far better.”

Mike’s also benefiting from savings on gas and oil, making the range a much more economical option. Mike adds: “We’re hoping to see about 40% saving on running costs, which is great for profitability and for the environment as well.”

With the menu put on hold for the past three to six months until the range was installed, Mike is now looking forward to working with his business partner and head chef, Darren McKay, to add some new items to the menu and enable the chippy to really make its mark in the local community. He comments: “We were panicking a bit before that the old machine would die so we didn’t want to add anything, but now with the new range in we have the confidence to push on. Now the staff are used to it we’re going to really push the specials, add a few more options and also target big groups, something we couldn’t do with the old range as we didn’t have the confidence or capacity, but with this one we will have both.

"We’re just really excited about what we can do now and the fact that we can possibly do something different every weekend, whether that's a different species of fish or maybe introduce some chicken dishes, I don’t know, but we have to keep moving and keep taking the business forward. You can’t stay still, not today.”

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