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Scottish businesses will fail without extra funding, warns UKHospitality

Additional business support from the Scottish Government does not go far enough and will result in business failures and lost jobs, UKHospitality has warned.

Yesterday, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture, Fiona Hyslop MSP announced further support for Scottish businesses including extending the small business retail, hospitality & leisure grant to businesses that occupy multiple premises with a cumulative value above £51,000.

No grant support has yet been extended to those businesses occupying premises with a rateable value above £51,000.

UKHospitality executive director for Scotland, Willie Macleod said: “This is a disappointing move by the Scottish Government that will see too many businesses in dire need of support continue to be excluded from the grant scheme.

“There is still no grant support for those businesses occupying premises with a rateable value above £51k. These businesses have been hit just as hard as any other. They are not being shielded from the effects of COVID-19 simply because their premises are more more highly rated.

“These businesses have had no revenue since lockdown began on 23rd March, are incurring significant costs while closed, an average of £60,000 per month, and are at severe risk of going out of business altogether with the potential loss of thousands of jobs.

“We hope that these businesses will be able to help spearhead the economic recovery of Scotland once the crisis has passed. They will not be able to if they have gone out of business before they have a chance to reopen. Grant support must be extended to these businesses, otherwise we are going to see even more failures and more people unemployed.”

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