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Scotts Chengdu opens in China

A North Yorkshire chippy has opened what it hopes will be the first of a chain of fish and chip shops in China and the Far East.

Scotts Fish & Chips at Bilborough, near York, has now been joined by sister-venue Scotts Chengdu in Chengdu Taikoo Li, one of the China’s most major southern cities with a population of over seven million people.

The modern restaurant takes on a different look to the traditional venue here in the UK but claims to serve the same high quality Scotts fish and chips with sustainably caught cod, sole and haddock on the menu alongside classic salt and vinegar, tartar sauce and ketchup.

A new sauce, made using the unique local Sichuan spices, has also been developed to appeal to local tastes while a range of craft beers from all over the world have been selected.

The opening is a collaboration between Scotts owner Tony Webster and Chinese businessmen Jimmy Yu and follows a marketing campaign, which saw the Yorkshire venue become a must-eat at venue for Chinese tourists visiting the UK.

Jimmy Yu from Scotts Chengdu, comments: “This is the golden age of cross nation partnerships in this global business era.

“I hope that Scotts Fish and Chips will be able to bring Chinese friends, who have not had the opportunity to visit Britain, to know about British food culture and strengthen cultural sharing through a delicious dining experience.”

Scotts' Tony Webster, who is making his first visit to the Chinese chippy later this month, adds: “Jimmy and I have formed a great working partnership and we are both really excited about this venture. We are very hopeful this will be the first of a chain of Scotts Fish & Chips across China and the Far East.”

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