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Seafish launches campaign to tackle climate change

Seafish has launched a new campaign to help the seafood industry tackle climate change.

The initiative is part of its work to support the seafood industry and highlights the importance of both mitigation, reducing contributions to climate change, and adaptation, preparing for and responding to the impacts of a changing climate.

Seafish has created a range of resources to highlight the challenges and opportunities that these factors bring for seafood businesses. This includes a short film giving an overview of how climate change impacts seafood as well as case studies that show how the industry is already responding to climate change.

In addition, Seafish is launching an e-alert to provide links to information and resources on climate change relevant for seafood businesses.

In a blog for the campaign, Dr Angus Garrett, head of horizon scanning and long term issues at Seafish, comments: "It’s essential that we have sustainable food production systems to feed our growing global population. Seafood has a key role to play in transforming food production to business models that have a lower impact on the environment. At the same time, we need to make sure that these systems aren’t unduly disrupted by climate change.”

Fish and chip shops wanting to find out more about the campaign can visit or e-mail

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