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Seafish launches Love Seafood consumer campaign

Seafish, the public body that supports the UK seafood industry, has today launched a new Love Seafood consumer brand aimed at reversing the decline in consumption of seafood in the UK.

The initiative hopes to positively influence attitudes towards seafood and inspire consumers to incorporate more fish and shellfish into their diets.

Love Seafood is being launched with a new identity, website and social media presence as well as consumer-facing advertising across radio, TV, print, outdoor and streaming platforms.

It replaces Fish is the Dish, the previous Seafish consumer brand, while Love Seafood Social, launching on 12th October with a programme of online events involving celebrities, chefs, social media influencers and seafood businesses across the country, will take over from Seafood Week.

Seafish says it has invested heavily over the past 18 months in the groundwork to create Love Seafood.

Greg Smith, head of marketing at Seafish, said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch our new Love Seafood brand and see our extensive planning come to fruition. Our previous Fish is the Dish brand was successful and popular but as attitudes towards food and consumer behaviour change, it was time for us to take stock. We’ve relished the opportunity to re-evaluate where seafood is positioned in the minds of consumers, and in securing its long-term future relationship with the nation.

“Our planning period has given us time to position Love Seafood as a single, powerful message built and owned by the seafood industry. Through creation of our Love Seafood Group, with members representing businesses across the seafood supply chain, we have embedded industry expertise and insight into the fabric of the brand to benefit both businesses and consumers.

“We’re realistic about what we want to achieve and the timescales required for this. We know we won’t change national attitudes overnight, which is why Love Seafood is a long-term initiative. We’re aiming to inspire a generational shift in attitude towards seafood and tell the story of this incredible industry.”

As part of the campaign Seafish is looking to establish Love Seafood Champions, showcasing the people and brands that make the UK’s seafood industry a world-leader.

Seafish is also issuing a range of assets for fish and chip shops to use across their own websites and social media channels via its online asset bank.

For further information on Love Seafood, visit the Seafish website by clicking here.

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