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Secure your shop

Security risks come in all shapes and sizes and, for your fish and chip shop, making sure suitable security measures are in place can mean the difference between sink or swim

Of course, cyber security is a hot topic, especially with the arrival of GDPR in May 2018 and the implications of theft of data. But physical security is just as important – whether that be to protect your shop or restaurant against theft, malicious damage and vandalism, or any other non-domestic property crime.

When it comes to burglaries, businesses are as much at risk, if not a little more so, than domestic properties. This is a fact backed up by our statistics for both personal and business insurance claims at Ryan’s; in 2017 61% of the claims for burglaries reported to us were business customers and 39% were domestic. Police recorded crimes showed that there were 206,000 non-domestic and 206,000 domestic burglaries reported during the year ending March 2017.

A little security can go a long way in deterring criminals. Here are six simple security measures – plus a failsafe – that can make a big difference in preventing theft from affecting your business:

1. Locks, doors and windows

One of the simplest and most effective ways of securing your fish and chip shop is to ensure you have good locks installed on all exterior doors, and possibly on some interior ones too. There are many types of locks, but deadbolts and five-lever mortice locks are most regularly recommended.

Of course, as a shop or restaurant, you’re also likely to have some glass frontage. This should all be made using toughened glass. It’s a good idea to install locks on your windows, too.

2. Changing faces

Remember to keep a log of all your employees who hold a key to your business premises, and to create policies to ensure those keys are not shared with anyone else. Every time a staff member leaves your business, it’s also worth assessing the risk to your business security to work out whether you need to change the locks.

3. Around the outside

If you have an outside perimeter to maintain, perhaps at the back of your shop, make sure it is well secured. One hole in one fence may render all other security measures far less effective. You may also wish to consider anti-climbing spikes on your perimeter fencing. Remember to put up a sign that says they have been fitted to make sure you are not breaking the law, though.

4. Light it up

When it comes to security lighting, we are spoilt for choice these days. Whether you choose to include lights on a motion detector, or if you select lighting that is always on, making sure there are no shadows to lurk in can make a big difference to the security of your shop or restaurant.

5. Keeping contents safe

It’s well worth auditing your fixtures, fittings, equipment and stock regularly to make sure everything is where it should be and hasn’t gone missing. It’s also a good idea to mark your high value contents, so that they can be returned to you if they are stolen and retrieved by the police.

You may wish to secure especially expensive items to the floor, and to store smaller valuable items and, of course, money, in a safe as well.

6. Shred through information theft

It’s not just cyber crime that puts our business documents at risk and simply binning sensitive documents is not secure at all. It’s far better to shred important or sensitive documents, ensuring no one else can read over them once you’ve disposed of them.

When all else fails

No matter what security measures are put in place, theft may still happen. Having the correct levels of property and contents insurance for your fish and chip shop business can help to make sure your operations are affected as little as possible.

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