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Shmoo removes artificial ingredients

Aimia Foods has reformulated its Shmoo milkshake recipes to remove all artificial ingredients.

Having spent significant time altering and testing recipes, Aimia Foods is confident that its five-strong new milkshake formulas also now taste better.

Shmoo has also made changes to the toppings included within its starter packs so that operators can not only create a milkshake that contains no artificial ingredients, but also top their shakes with artificial-free toppings. For example, fruit crisps have been switched for chocolate jazzies – a fun, tasty and artificial free alternative.

Blended with milk, Shmoo creates thick, ice cream textured milkshakes in chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla and cappuccino flavours. As well as the powder, Shmoo also provides branded cups into which the mix and milk is poured to create a consistent thickshake every time.

Karen Green, marketing manager at Aimia Foods, comments: “As the leading thickshake concept in the UK, we at Shmoo believe it is our duty to set the very highest of thickshake standards, hence the decision to undergo extensive recipe development. As a result of this development, all five of our milkshake powders now not only taste better, but do so without having to use artificial ingredients.”

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