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Sizing up for signage

Whether you own or manage your fish and chip shop or restaurant, as you operate from commercial premises, you will have some signage to encourage your customers to come in. Here, Wrapped takes a look at how to help protect the investment you’ve made into the signs you have to showcase your business.

In ever more technological times, signage is becoming increasingly advanced, including specialist lighting and digital features. Making sure that your insurance policy covers your signage, and that it reflects any changes to the signage you have at your shop or restaurant, is essential to remaining covered in the event of loss or damage.

Sizing up your signage

If you own the buildings in which you operate your fish and chip shop or restaurant, you’re likely to have taken out cover for your property. This will include the structure of your building and any permanent fixtures and fittings, plus the contents within it. You’ll probably have included some other covers within your policy, too, such as frozen foods, business interruption and liabilities.

If you rent your property, your landlord should have insurance to cover the buildings, and your business insurance policy will likely include your contents, as well as any other covers you’ve added.

If you’ve taken out cover for your buildings, this may include your signage. This will vary, though, depending on your insurer and the policy you have taken out. So, it’s important to check that your signage is covered and to provide a list of the signage at your premises, together with values, to your insurer. This is even more important if you rent your shop or restaurant and so don’t have property insurance, or if the signage is not directly attached to or located on your property.

Signage within your premises should also be listed, and this internal signage will more likely be included as contents. This may include removable signs on walls or doors, or digital displays used for your menus.

Keeping your cover up-to-date

As your business grows, you may choose to update your signage. Any significant changes to your fixtures and fittings should also be communicated to your insurer, who can make sure you have adequate cover in place. This means that, in the event of accidental damage, vandalism or theft, damage to your signage should be covered, allowing you to repair or replace it.

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