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Skrei season is back as wild cod reaches Norway

Norwegian skrei is now available having reached the shores of northern Norway after its epic 1,000km journey from the depths of the icy Barents Sea.

The seasonal wild cod is only available between January and April when it is caught as it migrates from the Barents Sea to its spawning grounds along the Northern Norwegian coast.

This journey is what gives these cod the viking name skrei, which means “traveller”.

By the time it arrives in Norway, skrei is believed to be at its best, boasting a white flaky texture and a clean delicate flavour. It is eagerly awaited by chefs right across Europe, who understand this is some of the finest fish in the world.

One of the leanest types of fish because it stores fat in the liver and not in the muscles, skrei has great nutritional value too. A portion provides the recommended daily amount of omega-3, as well as vitamins A and B12, which are linked to a strong immune system as well as good brain and reproductive health. Skrei contains selenium and iodine, and is also a low-calorie, high protein choice.

As well as being a good choice on health grounds, Norwegian skrei is a sustainable option, coming from the Barents Sea cod stocks, one of the largest and most well managed in the world.

The Norwegian Seafood Council has produced a number of recipes using skrei available here. To read more about skrei, click here.

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