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Solving the mystery

Lorraine Rivers, director at Fry Awards partner Acumen, explains why carrying out regular mystery dining visits is a strong investment and a commitment to the future of a business

Will customers drive past their local chippy to visit a venue because the product and service are so much better?

The answer is yes. Today’s customers are more discerning than ever and will often travel to enjoy a truly satisfying customer experience. And that’s where mystery visiting programmes come into their own as they have been shown to consistently improve the customer experience (and the bottom line). It’s also a strong investment and a commitment to the future of a business.

How does a mystery visit work?

A mystery visit is carried out by an independent customer who will provide objective answers to preset questions as well as providing subjective feedback, allowing you to see your business “through the customer’s eyes”. Visits can be scheduled at a time requested by you, or we can come totally unannounced so not even you know.

We do not just “tick boxes”. We provide you with written feedback to accompany the questions, showing how customers might compare you to competitors. Our online system offers a quick and efficient way of providing results and gives access to analysis of any previous visits and charts. This historical data allows you to identify areas for improvement and benchmark your performance.

Mystery visit reports are a great way to provide constructive feedback for you to use as a tool to promote your business. Even if the report contains references to issues that may not be perfect, these can be used in a positive manner. For example, it allows you to address any issues during a team meeting, by asking “how can we prevent this happening again”. The report can also provide an invaluable training tool, allowing you to praise staff either for a team effort or any individual who is mentioned by name. Some clients link this to a bonus scheme for the team.

We know that the customer’s view is the most important aspect of your business and our specifically tested questions can be used not only as a training guide for the staff but as a fantastic tool for taking your business to the next level.

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A mystery visiting programme helps your business:

- Continuously evaluate service standards.

- Assess the results of training programmes.

- Monitor levels of service during expansion programmes.

- Hit complacency on the head!

- Motivate staff to offer the best possible level of customer care.

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