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Step-by-step guide to changing employee contracts

With fish and chip restaurants looking to reopen in the coming weeks and takeaways bringing more employees back to work, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has put together a guide on changing employment contracts.

The useful step-by-step guide looks at what to consider when changing a contract, for example agreeing it with the employee, details of what should be included in a contract, such as working hours and pay, holidays and sickness procedures, as well as advice on dealing with potential disputes.

The FSB comments: “Your employment contracts should contain all the important details of the employer and employee’s rights. It’s a legal requirement which details your employee’s role within your business.

“As well as setting expectations and it being a legal requirement to provide a written statement of particulars of employment, an employment contract can also help you to avoid employment tribunals. This is because a written employment contract is evidence of the employee’s terms and conditions, reducing the risk of dispute arising regarding these.”

Read the step-by-step guide by clicking here.

The FSB has also put together guidance and advice to help small businesses looking to make redundancies.

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