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Supporting sustainability

With British Food Fortnight and Seafood Week both just around the corner, Miller's is encouraging shops to shine a light on some of the many species of fish landed in the UK 

It’s great to see fish and chips over national headlines once again – and for all the right reasons! Last month, 20 of the UK’s best fish and chip shops were announced and we were honoured to draw the balls to see which fish and chip shops would be competing against each other across the nation to make it to the top 10 – a first for the National Fish and Chip Awards, which usually sees the top 20 competing in duos regionally.

We’d like to congratulate everyone who made it into the top 20 and our very best wishes and good luck to the top 10 on their journey to London. The awards organisers carry out rigorous judging procedures so making it this far is no easy feat - well done from us all!

As eight of the ten fish and chip shops who have made it this far are MSC certified, it makes sense to talk about sustainability but in particular, some of the MSC certified species of fish that are landed right here in the UK. British Food Fortnight takes place 22nd September to 7th October and celebrates the importance of buying British and supporting the hard work of British suppliers, so it’s a great time for us all to be thinking about this important issue.

Whilst the majority of the fish we serve in the shop is frozen at sea, we’re also passionate about serving a variety of species that are landed in Britain when possible. Just like National Seafood Week (5th-12th October), British Food Fortnight is a brilliant opportunity to raise awareness around the amazing seafood dishes that can be made from species caught in Britain.

Last year, we celebrated with our Great British Hake Off campaign, giving away delicious samples of hake that were landed in Cornwall. Alongside this, we had an extra push on profiling the importance of regular visits to the chippy to support the hard of work of the British farmers who supply the potatoes for our chips.

There are other species that aren’t widely recognised by most fish and chip fans yet that are from sustainable sources and landed in the UK. MSC certified herring and north-sea dab can be introduced as specials to a menu, and don’t forget old British favourites such as UK rope-grown mussels cooked in white wine and garlic (or simply served with vinegar), which are sure to go down a treat with customers.

We’d encourage everyone to get involved with this year’s campaign. It’s a great way of building custom, doing something different and introducing your customers to something new, as well as building relationships with local suppliers in your area, so visit your local fishmonger or get in touch with MSC certified fisheries in the UK to see what’s on the menu!

You can visit for more information.

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