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Sustainability at heart of Burger King charter

Burger King UK has set a goal to reach 100% recycled or certified packaging and 0% single use plastic by 2025 as well as 30% reduction in food waste across the business.

The sustainability targets are part of a new charter launched today entitled Burger King for Good which also sets out its road map on food quality and ethics.

The charter also sees a focus on sustainably sourced commodities including soy, palm oil, tea, coffee, timber and paper, in a bid to minimise the negative social and environmental impacts of its operational footprint. The principles are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aim to end poverty, protect our planet and increase prosperity for all.

As a major purchaser of meat products, animal welfare is also a key commitment outlined in the charter. All of Burger King UK beef is British and Irish and is reared and produced to the British Quality Beef standard and Irish Beef Standard.

Employee commitments have been set out as a key priority, with Burger King UK vowing to ensure it is a company for everyone, valuing the contribution that people with diversity, skills and expertise can make to all parts of the business, including supply chains.

CEO of Burger King UK Alasdair Murdoch said: “Now more than ever, we believe that fresh, good quality food is vital to the quality of our lives and the health of our planet. Being good to the planet, our people and guests is central to our values at Burger King UK, and despite the challenges faced by the pandemic, I believe this crisis has given us an opportunity to ‘build back better’ and drive through our company values, which are integral to sustaining our business for the future.

"The underlying aim of the Burger King for Good initiative is to be transparent, be accountable and work with others to ensure our business decisions are well informed and sound.”

The full charter is available to view at:

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