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T.Q shows support for shop’s suspended food scheme

Wholesaler T.Quality has given a Weymouth chip shop’s charity fund a boost by donating £150 to its suspended food and drink scheme.

Helen Bartle, regional manager for T. Quality, made the generous donation to Fish ’n’ Fritz after visiting the shop and seeing the effectiveness of the scheme, which allows customers to pay in advance for food or a drink for someone in the local homeless community when they pay for their own.

Helen comments: “When Paul told me about his suspended scheme, I was struck by its simplicity and effectiveness. I went back to the office and told my boss Mike Crees about it they instantly got out the company cheque book and made this donation. Well done, Paul and all your team for doing something amazing for those people less fortunate than ourselves.”

Owner Paul Hay, who has been running the initiative for three years, comments: “With the Winter months fast approaching donations like this one from T.Quality are very important. The long range forecasts are saying we are in for a hard winter this year. This donation, when added to our ‘Suspended’ fund, allows us to support the local homeless people of Weymouth with a hot drink or hot food when they need it.”

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