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Takeaway lovers play safe with fish and chips

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Takeaway lovers wanting to play safe and order something tried and tested have voted fish and chips the ‘least risky’ of all takeaways.

In a survey of 2,000 adults by, the traditional chippy tea was declared the safest takeaway choice followed by chow mein and chicken tikka masala.

The study also found Chinese (25%) was the most popular takeaway, followed by Indian (20%) and pizza (18%).

But nearly eight in 10 admitted they stay within their comfort zones and stick to their ‘usual’ dishes when they’re deciding on their order.

Three in 10 don’t want to risk spending money on something they might not like – while 21% are simply ‘afraid of change’.

More than a tenth feel ‘crushed’ when they do branch out from their usual order with negative results, while 14% get genuinely upset by it.

For another one in 10, if they regretted their dinner decision, they’d put it right the very next day by ordering a different one.

It also emerged three quarters of those polled are also takeaway-loyal - ordering from the same restaurant time after time.

The research also reveals that since the first lockdown began in March 2020, 42% of consumers have increased the number of takeaways they have been ordering.

Before the pandemic, the average adult would order an average of 24 takeaways a year – around once every two weeks – spending more than £550.

However, over the past year, more than a quarter (28%) have been enjoying a takeaway once a week – amounting to a total spend of £1,248 a year - while more than one in 10 indulge in two or more a week.

Julie Daniels, head of rewards at, comments: “Our results clearly show that takeaways are all about comfort and familiarity. They can offer something to look forward to and add some variety to the week.”

The research is accompanied by a quiz that helps people decide on what takeaway to have next, one of the four options being fish and chips. Take the quiz by clicking here.


  1. Fish and chips

  2. Chow mein

  3. Chicken Tikka Masala

  4. Sweet and sour chicken/pork

  5. Chicken Korma

  6. Beef burger

  7. Chicken balls

  8. Doner kebab

  9. Chicken burger

  10. Shredded crispy chilli beef/pork

  11. Rogan Josh

  12. Butter chicken

  13. Chicken in black bean sauce

  14. Chicken Madras

  15. Lemon chicken

  16. Thai green curry

  17. Steak and chips

  18. Peking roasted duck

  19. Pad Thai

  20. Lasagne

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