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Tap into water savings

Friers should see the upcoming water market deregulation as an opportunity not only to source a more competitive supplier, but also to make efficiency savings to cut the cost of bills further, says Brian Ebdon, SME director at water retailer Water Plus

With the business water market deregulating on April 1st for businesses based in England, friers have the opportunity to shop around for the right supplier and, ultimately, reduce the cost of their water bills.

However, savvy friers should also be using the opportunity to look out for better customer service and tailored, specialist advice on how to cut the cost of your water bills from your new supplier. Making water efficiency savings in your chip shop will cut your business expenses straight away. “In fact, you could save 20% or more on your annual water use just by making a few small changes,” says Water Plus’s Brian Ebdon.

Here are Brian’s top tips on where and how you can cut back:

Smart meters

When it comes to water efficiency savings, smart meters are a great place to start. By getting a smart meter in your chip shop, you can accurately monitor how much water you’re using, making it easier to track if you’re effectively cutting back on your water usage. You’ll also only be paying for the amount of water you use, so you never end up paying over the odds for your water.

Old equipment

Industrial dishwashers and pre-rinse spray valves use hundreds of litres of water over the course of their lifespan. When replacing old equipment, opt for water efficient models. As industrial sized kitchen equipment often has a long lifespan, choosing more efficient models is usually worth the investment in water savings.

Staff education

Educating staff on saving water in your fish and chip shop is key. Practices such as hand scraping or pre-soaking dishes and utensils rather than pre-rinsing them, and ensuring dishwashers are fully loaded before operating can all help reduce your water consumption. Why not set water pressure and flows to dishwashers to the minimum required setting too? You can even put up signs to remind staff where necessary.

Identifying leaks and pipe damage

Allowing leaks to remain unidentified can have a big effect on your water bill. By regularly checking your water meter, you’ll notice if your water consumption starts to look uncharacteristically high. If this happens, notify your water supplier immediately so they can carry out any necessary repairs and you can avoid any unnecessary high water bills.

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