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The Chesterford Group helps deliver improved local regulation

The Chesterford Group has teamed up with Basildon Council in Essex to help communicate matters relating to food safety and work place health and safety across its whole operation.

The initiative, brought about by a new government scheme called Primary Authority, means that the council gets a detailed understanding of how The Chesterford Group’s business works and, in turn, becomes the first point of contact to provide robust and reliable advice on how it should comply with different laws.

Other councils across the country must then take into account that advice in their dealings with that business - the main purpose being to ensure the consistent application of the law regardless of the location of its takeaways.

The Chesterford Group operates both a Fish'n'Chick'n and a Churchill’s takeaway in Basildon, with 20 in total across Essex, as well as sites in Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and London.

Commenting on the partnership, the first of its kind in the area, head of operations at the Chesterford Group Wayne Shaw said: "After many years of working closely with Basildon Council's environmental health service, The Chesterford Group encompassing Fish'n'Chick'n, Churchill's, Bankers traditional Fish and Chip brands, are really proud to be the first business to sign up to a Primary Authority partnership with Basildon Council, and we look forward to the continued support and high level of expertise that Basildon Council's environmental health service has to offer."

Paul Goodgame, managing director, added: "We've had to work really hard on this as it had to be signed off by the secretary of state, which is quite something with everything he has on his plate at the moment.

"It's critical for customer and consumer confidence that we have these high kitemarks within our business, so we work quite hard with our EHOs to see what we can do to go above and beyond so we are always ahead of the curve.

"It's another step in the right direction and means we have consistency county-by-county."

Chairman of the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee Councillor David Harrison, added: "Our Environmental Health team has been working hard to set this up and has already been able to provide tailored health and safety advice around COVID-19 control measures with the assurance for the company that this will be respected by all local regulators, and to provide confidence to customers."

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