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The People's Pie returns to screens nationwide

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has impacted our industry. But as we continue to come out the other side, things are starting to look up for fish and chip shops across the country – as this autumn is set to be a little more normal than the last.

One thing that came to light over the past 18 months is how flexible chip shop owners have been. For example, many businesses introduced new services like click and collect to stay on top of the game. Plus, let’s not forget how brands – like Pukka – offered a helping hand too, with offers of free social media support to keep pie and chip takeaways front of customers’ minds.

We’re optimistic for what the months ahead hold for the industry, particularly as we enter a busy sales period. That’s why I’m thrilled to hear that Pukka is returning to TV screens on 13th October with its award-winning ‘The People’s Pie’ campaign to urge pie-lovers to visit their local chippy.

Pukka’s general manager, Isaac Fisher, explains: “Fish and chip shops have been at the heart of our story ever since we first started making and baking pies in 1963, and they continue to play an important role in feeding the nation. As we head into peak pie season, shining a spotlight on the Great British chippy in our People’s Pie advert continues to be important.

“Our campaign will launch across TV and video on demand on 13th October and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. We know it’s an important sales period for chippy owners, as people want filling, tasty and convenient meals to enjoy with their friends, family and loved ones in the comfort of their own homes during the cooler months.”

Isaac concludes: “We’re confident that The People’s Pie campaign will do a great job for both Pukka and fish and chip shops that sell our pies. But our support doesn’t stop there. We’ve recently launched a brand-new social media toolkit, designed to help chippy owners make the most of their social media channels. It’s free to download from and we urge businesses to take full advantage.”


To order Pukka pies directly, call now on 0116 264 4000. Or contact your local wholesaler.

Social media toolkit

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