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The Ultimate in food delivery bags

Following extensive research and product development, UltimateHeat has manufactured a premium range of insulated takeaway bags which makes it easier for fish and chip shops to offer delivery.

Unlike conventional insulated takeaway bags, UltimateHeat products keep food warm from a removable powered ‘heating pack’ in the base, which can be plugged into a power socket inside a kitchen and also inside a delivery vehicle - via a car charger adapter.

Available in two sizes – 88L and 115L – each bag heats up to around 70°C and will keep food hot for up to an hour.

At maximum capacity, the 115L bag can hold up to 14 pizza boxes at 14” or 28 meal boxes, whilst its smaller counterpart can hold up to 20 meal boxes or seven pizzas.

The premium bags are made from a durable mixture of leather and polyester, feature a reinforced base for longevity and an easy to clean antibacterial sleeve, plus a 12-month guarantee.

UltimateHeat 01854 611222

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