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‘Think inside the Bun’, says JJ

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has launched a ‘Think Inside the Bun’ campaign to encourage fish and chip shops to increase sales and margins with better quality, premium burgers.

Following the launch of JJ’s own-label ‘Gourmet’ and ‘Texan’ burger range last year, which contain up to 98% beef, the wholesaler has invested in social media, printed leaflet and YouTube campaign to highlight the quality of ingredients and production processes used in developing the higher-end range.

Group general manager at JJ Foodservice, Terry Larkin, said: “Consumers care about what’s inside their burger – from how it’s been sourced to the amount of beef content. With this multi-channel campaign, we hope to raise awareness of our top quality burgers and encourage caterers to put premium options on menus.”

Prices start from £15.99 (24x170g) for the 6oz Texan burger (BUR100) and £18.99 (36x142g) for the 5oz Gourmet burger (BUR079). More sizes are available online.

“That’s as little as 67p per patty”, said Terry. “Partnered with our Super Crisp Chips and brioche buns – friers can charge around £8 to put a Gourmet burger on their menu – that's a beefy margin!”

The Texan range is scored to support fast and even cooking and both the Gourmet and Texan burgers are tender-formed, a technique which helps to retain juices. Each burger is interleaved to support portion control.

A YouTube video and educational print flyer will be launched later this month.

View the Gourmet and Texan Burger Ranges here.

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