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Papa’s launches batter bucket charity challenge

Papa’s Fish & Chips is calling on shop owners, their staff and industry suppliers to take a battering and help raise £100,000 for The Fishermen’s Mission.

The chippy, which operates seven outlets including ones in Hull, Scarborough and Cleethorpes, is reviving the ice bucket challenge that swept the nation in 2014 but, instead of a bucket of ice water, is asking friers to dunk a bucket of batter over their heads.

The aim is to raise awareness of the work The Fishermen’s Mission carries out and encourage donations.

George Papadamou, who owns Papa’s with his brother Dino and father Sid, comments: “Two and a half weeks ago, Dino and I went to Norway and we had the opportunity to go out on a day boat. To say we nearly got blown overboard on several occasions is no understatement and the weather wasn’t even that bad! It made us realise what our fishermen go through while we are sat behind our warm ranges.

“While it can be hard to raise money with a customer facing campaign, we thought we would turn to those in the industry who appreciate what these fishermen go through. We loved the idea of doing the batter bucket challenge, it’s a good laugh and we’re not asking a lot, just a £10 donation and a nomination to keep the momentum going. If the whole industry gets behind this we could potentially raise £100,000.

“Fishermen take a battering all the time for us, so let’s take a battering for them.”

Papa’s has got the ball rolling with Sid Papadamou being the first to brave the batter. It has since nominated industry colleagues to take up the charity challenge and donate at least £10 to The Fishermen's Mission.

For further information, visit the Batter Bucket Challenge website by clicking here. You can also follow the campaign on social media by using the hashtag #batterbucketchallenge

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