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Udderly brilliant sauce dispensers

Bringing its hugely successful squeezable sauces concept to the UK from Europe is Manna Slott Sauces.

The concept allows up to 20 flavours of sauces to be easily dispensed, hygienically onto fries at ambient temperatures, via hanging, cow udder look bottles.

Working equally well as toppings for burgers and hot dogs too, the sauces are quick and easy to dispense, allowing a fast turnaround of large customer numbers. Available in the UK via Saucy Fries, the distributor believes chip shops can charge a premium for twice fried chips and for the lashings of sauces too.

Geoff Dixon of Saucy Fries comments: “We have been doing streetfood trials for over six months now and 80% of our customers preferred to pay extra for flavoured fries compared to 20% who went for traditional chips. With thousands of outlets around the world successfully selling flavoured fries, the trend is starting to bite in the UK too.”

Across Europe, over 2,000 fries outlets sell up to 1,000 portions of sauce covered, twice-fried Belgian chips a night.

Franchise opportunities for the popular saucy Belgian fries are also available.

Saucy Fries 

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